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A & R Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services

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Look no further when in need of professional cleaning services London. Call our cleaning London team on 020 3746 8023 get your home polished.

0121 459 2090

Birmingham;6 The Green, Kings Norton;B38 8SD

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A & R Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services
" Does anyone know if this place still open? I have been trying and trying and trying to contact London Dyers as they have fabric of mine that they are supposed [...read more] "
" Beginning to end, dealing with this [...
" I’ve never experience this in my life. I have brought my coat to repair the zip and I’ve asked the lady to have a discreet colour (the original color was [...read more] "
" The alteration service was appalling! We sent 14 curtains to be shortened. We stupidly waited an hour and half for a new starter to enter the details on the computer, [...read more] "
" These are the most friendly,helpful and value [...read more] "
" The cleaning team came in, scrubbed the walls, the floors, cleaned all the surfaces and appliances. It took them the whole day [...read more] "
" Did a fantastic job repairing my coat, so [...read more] "
" Very bad service, they destroyed my coat and lost my dress! And still [...read more] "
" They're personable and friendly, and [...
" Good priced new ironing service With [...
" Outstanding services available for your garments digging through my pile of clothes and found a few faded clothes, some that wasn't a good fit so never even wore. I took [...read more] "
" Made my suit look brand new for such an affordable price, I highly recommend this service as [...read more] "
" I would certainly recommend the company to anyone looking for a great home cleaning service! They always arrive on time, if not [...read more] "
" Thorough, careful, punctual and I [...
" The service is not only professional, but timely, [...read more] "
" ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!!! DO NOT GO HERE! I [...read more] "
" Incomparable to any cleaning service [...
" They have impeccable cleaning practices and I [...read more] "
" Small bald man, very angry and unapproachable. Sign in their window very misleading and after asking for clarification on the sign, he [...read more] "
" I've taken so many items of clothing to Stitches that I've lost count. Every single alteration they've done has been just excellent and they are so much cheaper than any [...read more] "
" This is the worst dry cleaner shop i've ever been!!!! My suit stinks of SMOKE!!! The employees [...read more] "
" I'm happy to pay a bit more for the consistency [...read more] "
" Always had a good friendly and reliable service [...read more] "
" Not only were all my items left for dying returned in terrible condition with one totally destroyed and one still missing, [...read more] "
" I have used Ian David dry cleaners for many years. The staff are always polite, knowledgeable and my [...read more] "
" The customer service is wonderful. I would [...read more] "
" Recommended highly staff [...
" If you are looking for a professional consistent cleaning, then Fair Cleaning is the company for you. Their attention to detail is amazing and the [...read more] "
" DO NOT USE!! I took two dresses to them to have the zips changed and the messed up on both and they where brand new. One of them they took [...read more] "
" I will use this cleaning company again and [...read more] "
" Worst customer service and attitude! They [...
" Great work ,100%honesty, they warn you of any risks to the garment if anything is likely to happen, excellent customer service , amazing [...read more] "
" Most dissatisfied, because for 30 years I received top notch service, never once having to complain. Now the service is unacceptable. I brought back trousers ( [...read more] "
" Their attention to detail [...
" Really disappointed. I put a pair of curtains into the shop to be dry cleaned. Unfortunately, having paid £75, when I put them up it was immediately apparent that they [...read more] "
" What poor service I received from the Bramhall branch of Clean Inc.I gave you a brand new suit to clean, when I got home it looked like it had not [...read more] "
" Great service, no complaints at all - did the [...read more] "
" I’m a regular here. I make use of the 4 items [...read more] "
" This worst customer service I have ever had. After loosing my shirt they refuse to refund me my money and deal with the situation. I followed their complaints procedure which [...read more] "
" Spoke to the owner when I was in having a suit cleaned. Jamie has made major changes over [...read more] "
" simply took my suit to get clean, and paid £10.95 for nothing! my suit is exactly the same! it looks [...read more] "
" Great service very friendly, efficient and helpful. [...read more] "
" I would highly recommend this company to [...read more] "
" Fantastic service will be going back.the staff [...read more] "
" I was very pleased with the upholstery cleaning that they did. Their cleaners where were very thorough and with great attention to detail. They [...read more] "
" I'm happy to pay a bit more for the consistency of the clean, [...read more] "
" They didn't miss a spot! I [...
" I have been very unimpressed with the quality of this dry cleaners. I took a dress in to be cleaned, having not used this dry cleaners before. They gave me [...read more] "
" We have been using this company for years. Clothes always well pressed and clean. No issues [...read more] "
" Goods not ready on time, [...
" They were very thorough and took the [...read more] "
" Finding Fair Cleaning has made a tremendous difference in our lives. Their staff is extremely courteous, professional and flexible as [...read more] "
" Excellent service. Dry cleaning done to a high standard and with a courteous staff who are willing to help, [...read more] "
" Been using this place since they did a great job with [...read more] "
" I used this cleaners for my daughters Prom dress to be altered. A strapless dress which needed the top taken in, The first time it came back the bodice was [...read more] "
" Did a fabulous job with my wedding dress and all the [...read more] "
" I went back to Clean in DIDSBURY after receiving a txt message with a great offer, they also send coupons [...read more] "
" I can't thank Spring Dry Cleaners enough for rendering my wedding dress as good as new. Red wine and the mud of [...read more] "
" Lost a button on my coat, charged me full price, told me to buy buttons and they would sew them back. They even insulted the buttons on my coat and [...read more] "
" It was a pleasure to deal with Fair Cleaning, from the initial quote request to the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning service. [...read more] "
" I was nervious getting my wife's wedding dress cleaned as a surprise. She loves her Vera Wang wedding dress and I knew she wanted to keep it forever. A friend [...read more] "
" Looked like my suit had seen the floor not the dry cleaning machine. The worst dry cleaning I have ever seen, [...read more] "
" They are professional, reliable, punctual and [...
" gave my expensive dress,they damaged my dress cant be worn again,no apology ,no admittance of their fault,tried [...read more] "
" Good quality work. Trust worthy. [...
" Excellent service, quick turnaround. Will [...
" I would highly recommend this company to anyone [...read more] "
" Fast turnaround for alterations. I’ve had zips repaired and [...read more] "
" They were thorough, careful, punctual and [...
" I went to this dry cleaners to get a sparkly black dress cleaned . However they told me due to the embellishment on the dress they told me they will [...read more] "
" The staff were so rude and unsympathetic when I returned some trousers that had chalk marks to the hem after being altered. They tried to rub it off and made [...read more] "
" Having used the store in the village for some time, I was becoming disappointed with results. I decided to [...read more] "
" Their one off cleaning services was excellent. The cleaning staff arrived on time and were pleasant, punctual and outstanding at their jobs. [...read more] "
" I have nothing but good things to say about [...read more] "
" I took my 36 year old wedding dress in to be cleaned. It had gone off white and had a few marks on. I didn’t hold out much hope of [...read more] "
" Outstanding service held at this establishment, very friendly and efficient, they also offer dyeing so if you have a stain that doesn't come out, Don't worry too much because they can [...read more] "
" Great service received and [...
" Very nice staff and excellent service they made [...read more] "
" they literally destroyed a sweatshirt. no apologies, no [...read more] "
" Took my Canada goose here and the woman who works there must not be able to read as she put it in the washing machine and dryer even though the [...read more] "
" Service was arranged quickly and the [...
" Great customer service and [...
" I was thoroughly impressed they were [...
" Very friendly staff they couldnt do enough to help dry clean my suit in [...read more] "
" Exact same situation as above mentioned by other users. One item left dirty and non [...read more] "
" 1st class service and quality of clean, very maticulous with detail - tried the others in [...read more] "
" I use this place for my suits for work and always [...read more] "
" They are average for dry cleaning but do not ever use them for clothing alterations. They ruined my suit trousers when it should have been a simple job (extend its [...read more] "
" I couldn't have been happier with the results. I [...read more] "
" Great service, friendly reception. I dropped a suit off with stains [...read more] "
" Friendly, helpful staff and fast efficient cleaning. They even do a drop-off [...read more] "
" My designer dress (too big on me, worn twice) came back with Seams ripped. It looks as [...read more] "
" This dry cleaners is very nice, I am a weekly customer and I can always rely on them to return my clothes clean and on time - I have a [...read more] "
" Everyone from management to each and every member of their staff is [...read more] "
" I am still in complete amazement as [...read more] "
" I highly recommend them and I [...
" Fair Cleaning did a great job cleaning my house after my crazy birthday party. All for the connfetti and food droplets on the carpets where thoroughly [...read more] "
" I would highly recommend this company to [...read more] "
" Do not take Canada goose here. Took mine and when I went to pick it up they couldn’t find it! And took them another week to find it. Came back [...read more] "
" gave my expensive dress in ,they returned it damaged,no apology ,no admittance of their fault ,tried to balme the dry [...read more] "
" No complaints re the dry cleaning or service, but two suggestions for the owner: (1) display a clear price-list for garments. This could be clearly displayed on the [...read more] "
" I’d have given them no stars if I could! Terrible, ruined [...read more] "
" Handed in a suit to be dry cleaned and went back to pick it up on the day they said. They couldn't find my suit, didn't know where it had [...read more] "
" Excellent service always use this dry cleaner never [...read more] "
" I'm very happy with the [...
" Finally, a cleaning service that brings unprecedented attention to detail, responsiveness, and professionalism. I used their one off cleaning services for my small apartment and I immediately [...read more] "
" Thank you for helping me [...
" E&A completely wrecked all the buttons on my Zegna suit when it went to them for dry cleaning. They have ignored my letter of complaint and the person on the [...read more] "
" I've used this dry cleaners for years and have always found them to be excellent, friendly and above all extremely professional! The team at [...read more] "
" I would highly recommend this cleaning [...
" Had a suit dry cleaned there, [...
" Great for alterations. [...
" We had a great experience with this company's services, their hard working cleaners did everything we asked for and much more. They went above and beyond to make sure that [...read more] "
" Beginning to end, dealing with this company was a true [...read more] "

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