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Maidenhead, sl1, unit 2 Lake end court taplow, GB,

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Verified Reviewer
Myself & my best friend booked a bridal make up course with them in February using a voucher we purchased from Wowcher. We managed to book a date by email ... read more
Verified Reviewer
Me and two friends of mine booked a Chocolate making class through Groupon with this company. We purchased the voucher in November last year and booked it for April, as ... read more
Verified Reviewer
Reading the past comments here...I think I'm in good company. We had booked through Living Social a year ago and after much toing and growing we had a date booked ... read more
Verified Reviewer
Cake tastic cake decorating course by Alexanda Hamilton booked for today in Mayfair. Bought this deal on Wowcher back in June. All seem legit until I got there. The staff ... read more
Verified Reviewer
Brought a course in January 2015, told they could only book us on 24 May 2015, then cancelled BY EMAIL - due to low numbers - just 7 days before. ... read more
Verified Reviewer
Waiting for a thai cookery class since January 2015 (apparently they were so busy they could only book me for the 15th of November) and only now when trying to ... read more
Verified Reviewer
Turned up today in London to find no course. Person on site said this happens every weekend. It was booked in January. Will be contacting Groupon to see if ... read more
Verified Reviewer
I too booked a course by purchasing a voucher from Groupon. The usual stories of difficulty to book a suitable date occurred. However I eventually succeeded in booking ... read more
Verified Reviewer
SCAM! As in other reviews this company is a scam. I booked a flower arranging class through Amazon local six weeks in advance and also ... read more
Verified Reviewer
I booked a 'Mrs Bouquet' course in Liverpool (May 2015) run by Alexanda Hamilton ; the course was cancelled and I was sent an e mail asking me to ... read more
Verified Reviewer
The same as everyone else. My daughter bought the chocolate workshop for my husband and I for Christmas. After Alexander Hamilton cancelling our first date, we got up early and ... read more
Verified Reviewer
I got a voucher from wowcher over a year ago and it's been cancelled so many times , till they emailed me to say they had a master makeup course ... read more
Verified Reviewer
In November 2014 I was bought an experience for the chocolate making course (the chocolate emporium) in Liverpool. The voucher was purchased through Groupon. The voucher expired in January 2015. I ... read more
Verified Reviewer
I can only join the chorus of negative reviews... Had bought a voucher for a NLP course in February and booked straight away with Alexandra Hamilton. They have cancelled twice ... read more
Verified Reviewer
Turns out this company went into liquidation in July and didn't notify anyone who booked a course through sites like Groupon etc. There is some information on the Cook:Manchester homepage ... read more
Verified Reviewer
I've just driven all the way down to London to a course that was booked months ago only to find that Food at 52 is closed on ... read more

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