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Over 50 African safari experts waiting to create your dream safari adventure. Call us now for a free no obligation tailor-made quote.

+27(0 )21 468 7255

Cape Town, 8001, 3rd Floor, 35 Hope Street, Gardens, ZA,

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" It was really a mind-blowing experience to stay at Olonana Camp. The room was really luxurious and the service was impeccable. It was unbelievable that we were actually deep inside a nature reserve in Kenya, especially after encountering Nairobi. I will really like to extend my appreciation to Monique for planning this once-in-a-lifetime Safari trip for both Diana and myself. We have throughly enjoyed ourselves in Africa and are considering a return to this fantastic continent to explore other countries. I will not hesitate to contact the company again for subsequent trips (i.e. Uganda, Tanzania etc) and to recommend to my fellow Singaporeans. Once again, thanks [ more] "
" The booking was handled professionally, with minimal fuss and bother. Recommendations were great. Response was quick and efficient. Nelia, our consultant, was a pleasure to deal with. All of my requests were met timeously and to my satisfaction. I will use [ more] "
" We reached out to to plan our “Once in a Lifetime” Safari trip. From the beginning through the end, Henry Franklin was fantastic. He took time to offer up several recommendations. We finally settled on &Beyond Ngala, which was an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. Henry, we can not thank you enough for your time and expertise. I highly recommend both [ more] "
" We had a wonderful experience in our safari booked through Giada was wonderful in promptly answering any questions we had during the process of researching the safari options. She helped us find the best safari option and gave us all of the details about the safari. Our transfer from Joburg to Kruger was seamless. We were picked up at the hotel on time. We happened to be the only family being transferred to Kruger on that day. Lulu gave us a good background of what we should expect and also told us much about Joburg. Best part of the experience was the stay in Kruger and game drives and the people and their services. Everyone at the camp were wonderful and did everything to make our stay the best. On our return we left some items in the van. On contacting Giada she helped ensure that the items were delivered to our hotel the next morning. We were extremely happy with our experience. [ more] "
" Excellent service. Monique’s travel expertise and recommendations were brilliant, she even organized a birthday cake and celebration in the lodge for me. We had the trip of a lifetime and was worth every cent. definitely know all the best places to [ more] "
" Had a really really awesome and smooth safari experience at Kruger Park thanks to our planner JP! Really have to give him a huge thumbs up for his patience and excellent service rendered. We started planning our Africa trip a couple of months ahead and JP was responsive in giving us valuable feedback and advice on both lodgings and tours etc. He patiently answered all sorts of questions we had and tailor made a quote for us (and with constant revisions too cos we asked for different options and all that). Not just before our trip, he also followed up with us during our trip, and even after! Just to make sure everything is going as agreed and planned. Couldn't have been happier to have chosen as our tour operator for our Kruger Park 3 days camping trip! P/S: we caught 4 out of the Big 5 and we even had the chance to see a Nat Geo worthy live action on our last game drive! and the food [ more] "
" I have much different comments from what I have read here, but I am thrilled to read that so many people have used and their trips turned out perfectly. We have been blessed to be making our 7th trip to Africa this coming fall of 2018, and we have been blessed to have visited all the surrounding countries of southern Africa while on a safari. We have about seen it all. We now just enjoy visiting the Kruger Park on our own where we rent an SUV and stay in the Kruger Park accommodations and drive the park alone as the locals do. I was having difficulties finding Kruger bookings and was advised to contact by our friends in SA. That is how I met Dolan Sequera nearly 3 years ago now. I went from frustration with booking through the Kruger Park system to instant joy by turning over my wish list to Dolan. I gave him a list of the camps we desired in Kruger and we were shocked at how we were treated. Each couple of weeks Dolan would write or call us saying "I have found 4 nights together at this place, or I cancelled your two nights here and found you 3 nights at a better camp". Dolan looked for us EVERY DAY for a cancellation until our wish list of camps was exactly what we wanted. I NEVER would have got that done on my own. If I called, someone called me back right away, or they e-mailed. Not once in 3 years did I ever feel "hung out" or think I had made a mistake using them. My message was always passed on and the next day Dolan on one of the girls called or e-mailed me back. Truly unbelievable service that is just not normal with most places. Dolan even went HOME after hours for one trip booking and made our Kruger reservations at 9 PM SA time from his personal home on his personal PC for us just so we could lock in the camps we requested. WHO WOULD DO THAT? And it's how the entire operation works in our experience of the past 3 years. Dolan is the most pleasant, patient, and understanding travel person we have ever met. He has made our last 3 visits to the Kruger Park just magnificent because of his relentless search to find us the best places to stay. Dolan found our camps when we took our grown daughters to South Africa and the Kruger Park for their very first time ever last year. I am just left feeling that the same relentless effort is put into every safari holiday that they book regardless of who you are or where you are visiting from. I have read the reviews and there are so many comments about how everything went perfectly because of the care, planning, and efforts that puts into making sure your first safari adventure is perfect. That is exactly how we have felt also. I think my bottom line here is this. Trust them, pay them, and then go to bed with no worries. They know how to put together a safari, and they know exactly what you want. You will have no further concerns with your trip if is planning it for you. And they are honest and fair with everything that we have ever experienced using them. Book your trip with peace of mind, then turn on National Geographic and ask yourself "Am I really going to see that on my trip"? I owe Dolan personally so much for all his past efforts in helping us with all our trips. That gratitude will hopefully be shown in Dec 2018 over a dinner at the Waterfront in Cape Town when we again visit. I have spoken with the girls numerous times and they have all been great, but we have only had our bookings with Dolan and it has been a magnificent experience. I just don't think you are making a mistake using We just love the bush and keep coming back to Africa. You are in for a memorable holiday for sure. Ron [ more] "
" We booked our 3 day safari through Dolan. He is the most responsive, helpful and kind travel consultant we’ve ever come across. He makes you feel like a friend rather than just a paying customer. He not only helped us with the Kruger safari but kept in touch with us through out our travels in all of South Africa. We had aome safety issues with the car that picked us up from the airport on our way to Kruger and the driver who was exceptionally rude and unhelpful. I reported that to Dolan and within minutes Dolan took action. On our way back from the safari, he gave us the sweetest, kindest, most helpful driver and upgraded out car to business class without charging us anything extra. So please ask for Dolan, if you want someone relatable, extremely helpful and dependable. We stayed at the hoyo hoyo lodge, it’s no five start lodge, and it would be great if we had some extra room to walk around but I’m not going to complain, they’re trying hard that too In the middle of no where and for a fraction of the price you’d pay for one of those rent safaris, the over all experience was INCREDIBLE! ithe lodge has a working AC, great food, unbelievably welcoming staff and don’t even get me started on the magnificent animals. Wow! The experience we had was priceless and unforgettable, you’ll see elephants, lions and even leopards just hanging out right side your lodge. It’s all so surreal. I would like to mention our guide victor, who showed us a fantastic time, we were able to see not only ALL the big five , yes, including evens the white rhinos - all thanks to victor, who is exceptional knowledgeable and very friendly, please ask for him for a memorable experience. Lastly a shout out to Neat and wonderful for being so lovely and welding and ESP for remembering everyone’s names, o can imagine how difficult that must be. Haha. Thanks Dolan and the entire team for a wonderful , memorable , priceless experience. You made our 30 hour flight [ more] "
" From the first contact, Henry Franklin supported us in a perfect way. He took a lot of time to share his recommendations on the best places for us to visit in Kruger and the ideal itinerary. Even when we changed our travel plans, he was incredibly helpful and patient. When I called him twice to ask for additional guidance, he immediately supported us. Our time in Kruger wouldn´t have been [ more] "
" This was by far the best client service I have experienced in a very long time. Thank you to Marguerite Mornet, I came across the website and entered a request for assistance as I have been struggling by myself. She called me back in 30min and she was so friendly, professional and helpful. A real lifesaver. She got back to me the same day with quotes and she also managed to organise a special price at 5star lodge. We are really excited about our trip and will make use of your services again in the near future. Thank you very [ more] "

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