What are links?


Links or hyperlinks are how a connected web allows users to move or navigate from one web page to another or one website to another. As an example, here's a link from to


Why are they important?

The founders of Google, which was originally called ‘Backrub’, hypothesised that links between web pages and websites could be seen as a huge graph. Finding out which web pages link to a given page and website could be valuable given the role of citations in academic publishing in mind.

The number and nature of these backlinks could signal the importance of the webpage and website.

To change the backlink data that it gathered for a given web page into a measure of importance, the ‘Backrub’ founders developed the ‘PageRank’ algorithm which is responsible for Google’s dominance today.

Most search engine optimisation experts largely believe links are hugely important and while content is king, links are the queen.


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