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Your SafeBuy Profile is a fantastic source of traffic allowing your company to rank on Google for multiple keywords that you wouldn’t normally be able to compete with. Once on your SafeBuy profile over 50% of customers click through to view your site. Your SafeBuy profile is only temporary. Claim it now to ensure it doesn’t get removed.
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61% of customers arrive at a site after Googling the company name. Make sure the results they see give your customers trust. By having a SafeBuy profile you can add stars to your search results making your business stand out, increasing the click through rate and increasing the likelihood of a customer completing a purchase with your business knowing you are a SafeBuy verified, trusted site.
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adding our proven trust seal
Trust seals have been shown to increase conversion rates on checkout pages by 21%. Around 75% of UK consumers recognise our trust seal and feel happier making a purchase with a SafeBuy seal on it. The SafeBuy trust seal links back to your verified SafeBuy profile giving customers complete trust to complete their purchase.
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Pull reviews from multiple platforms into your SafeBuy profile, including Yelp, TrustedTrader, Google, plus many more.
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