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Worked hard to make your site as trusted as it can be? Then tell people about it. Claim your SafeBuy business profile and add the SafeBuy trust seal to your site.

Retailers displaying the Safebuy trust seal see an average of 21% higher conversion rates.

Two powerful trust tools:

Your Safebuy Trust Seal and Profile
Add the Safebuy Trust Seal to your site

Developed in partnership with the UK Office of Fair Trading the SafeBuy Trust Seal is the most trusted Trust seal for UK retailers. 85% of consumers recognise the seal and on average are 21% more likely to purchase from a site displaying it.

Manage your SafeBuy profile

As a fantastic source of traffic when managed well, the safebuy profile page is often the go-to desitnation for your customers to see how your business performs and whether they want to continue with a purchase.

Developed in partnership with

The Office of Fair Trading

SafeBuy was developed in partnership with the Dept of Trade and Industry and then monitored by the Office of Fair Trading to ensure that retailers were compliant with online ecommerce regulations.

Sites that complied with this code were granted permission to display the SafeBuy trust seal. SafeBuy has become synonymous with safe sites and gives consumers trust in the site they are purchasing from.