How our members use SafeBuy to increase their sales


In order to explain the full benefit of SafeBuy and our Trust Seals we’ve spoken to Lily Rose London who added our seal to their site. They saw a 21% increase in conversion rate by adding the seal to key pages.

Lily Rose London:

“Being a relatively new ecommerce business, the main issue we face is convincing our customers we are a reputable store. Despite selling high quality products, offering free 48 hour delivery and making sure our social media presence is as high quality as we can, we still struggle to convince people we are a real business and will not simply run off with their money, never to be seen again.

We found SafeBuy when Googling reviews of our own business one day. We felt the high score the site gave Lily Rose London was the only score truly reflective of our continued hard work across multiple channels.

Having seen the SafeBuy seal on many other sites, we were keen to try it out on ours.

We added the SafeBuy seal to the footer of our site


As well as to our checkout pages (the screens where our customers commonly dropped off).


By highlighting we were a safe site, verified SafeBuy, we were able to reduce this drop off rate on the key pages.

Our conversion rate increased by 21% on the checkout screen, equating to £4,000 more revenue each month.

These extra funds helped make some of our marketing campaigns, we were currently running, profitable overnight. Allowing us to scale our social media advertising spend dramatically.

As a business, we’re always A/B testing our site and the technology behind it and we’d thoroughly recommend SafeBuy’s trust seal. We implemented it within an hour and it paid for itself within a day.”

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