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Numerous independent studies (Harris, Princeton Associates etc) have shown that websites carrying official accreditation logos gain up to twice as much business as those without.

SafeBuy Membership + EV SSL Certificate


Full details of this offer (and why you need an EV SSL Certificate) can be found here.

Two Good to Miss!

  1. Get SafeBuy Membership - usually £159.00 per year.
  2. Get an Extended Validation (EV) 'Green Bar' SSL Certificate - usually £229.00 per year.

Bought separately that's a total of £388.00

But with this offer you pay just £259.00 - saving you £129.00

Sign up for 2 years and save even more!

  1. Two years SafeBuy Membership - usually £318.00
  2. Two year Extended Validation (EV) 'Green Bar' SSL Certificate - usually £401.00

Bought separately that's a total of £719.00

But with this offer two years membership and EV certificate is just £499.00 - saving you a total of £220.00


Take advantage of this extra-special offer now. Fill in your details below and we'll do the rest.


To sign up as a SafeBuy annual member with EV SSL certificate, please complete the Application form below. All fields must be completed. By signing up for SafeBuy membership you are agreeing to follow the SafeBuy Code of Practice which you can find here.

Please indicate whether you want a one or two year membership and EV SSL certificate:

Selected: 1 year Membership and EV SSL Certificate offer - £259.00 +VAT (£310.80)

Your Details

Your Website

Enter the Fully-Qualified Domain Name that the certificate is for
e.g or Do not include 'http(s)://'
Don’t worry if you do not have a CSR or do not know how to generate one as we can either do an 'auto-CSR' or walk you through over the phone to create your own.

Please use up to 30 words to describe your product/service. This wiil be used as your description in your Approved Members website listing.

Please give an estimate of the number of orders (not the value) you expect in the next year.

Merchant Categories

Customers can use the SafeBuy Directory of Approved Members to find you. Please tick the boxes next to the categories in which you wish to be included - one or two are OK, but please don't select Gifts unless it is the only category that your business will fit into.

Member Login Details

Please enter the password that you'd like to use for your Member's Login. It is not case sensitive, but must be between 6 and 20 letters or numbers in length.


You have chosen the 1 year Membership and EV SSL Certificate offer.

You will be asked for an immediate payment of £310.80 (£259.00+VAT) via PayPal, Debit or Credit card on the next page.



All your SafeBuy documentation, SafeBuy logos and links will be delivered to the email address you have specified.

The Validation process for your EV Certificate will begin immediately and we will pre-check all the Domain and Company Registration Details to ensure everything is correct for the Certificate validation. You will then receive an 'Acknowledgement Agreement' by email which needs to be signed and returned (fax or email) as per the accompanying email. This will be followed by a telephone call to confirm employment and authority to order the Certificate.