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Numerous independent studies (Harris, Princeton Associates etc) have shown that websites carrying official accreditation logos gain up to twice as much business as those without.

"if you want to be taken seriously as a web retailer, SafeBuy accreditation is a must."
A SafeBuy member.

 Safebuy Features



The average star rating for all reviews submitted to is
4.9 / 5 based on 20,153 customer reviews on SafeBuy members

The SafeBuy Code of Practice

The leading UK eCommerce Code of Practice. The only one that covers simply everything from all relevant EU regulations and UK laws and from Advertising Standards protocols to the Protection of Children.

Shoppers trust this acclaimed code, because it requires web retailers to:

  • Adhere to the terms of the Sale of Goods Act, the EU Distance Selling Regulations, and the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications
  • Conform to the Data Protection Act of 1998
  • Provide security for the processing of credit card transactions
  • Include physical location and contact details for themselves on their website
  • Display the total price consumers must pay for goods (including delivery costs) and provide a clear explanation of the delivery procedures
  • Advise the consumer if 'cookies' are required for the processing of data
  • Not use 'spam' for marketing purposes
  • Avoid exploitation of children

Business Owners Benefit from the SafeBuy Assurance Scheme

"Accreditation is an essential part of developing customer confidence to purchase online. Mr Fothergill’s Seeds is delighted to be a member of SafeBuy, and we believe that we are seeing its benefits through increased web sales year on year."
Jessica Hawkins, Web Development Manager,
Mr Fothergill's Seeds

"Provenly conforming to the highest standards in the UK ecommerce industry is enormously valuable to us in online trading. We are delighted to be members of SafeBuy."
Mark Anderson, Head of Ecommerce, Robert Dyas

"As well as providing a safety net for consumers, SafeBuy has the potential to be a powerful benchmark for best practice web marketing."
Professor Derek Holder, Managing Director, Institute of Direct Marketing.

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SafeBuy Star Ratings

How the Star Rating & Reviews Scheme Goes to Work for You

  • With increasing demands from consumers for independent ratings from web merchants, the SafeBuy Star Rating System clearly showcases that you (as a SafeBuy member) are far superior to your competitors in consumer satisfaction.
  • See what consumers are saying about you, and adjust your operations to increase their satisfaction and make your business that much better! Consumers will provide you with honest ratings in 10 different areas, and their overall comments are available to be posted to the public domain. Honest reviews of your products or services can be instrumental to your differentiation from competitors and will increase brand awareness naturally.
  • Display the ‘SafeBuy Stars Logo’ on your website as big, bold, and proudly as you like. The logo has an active link to the live survey results and comments for your site. Consumers will recognize the SafeBuy logo on your website and will instantly connect you with being a trustworthy merchant.
  • Qualifying for the Stars logo is simple. Just invite your customers to complete a two minute survey form after you have shipped goods to them or rendered services. To make it even easier for you, CC our secure research site on your customer order acknowledgment. We'll email them independently for you with the survey a few days after you have shipped the goods. That's when they’ll be most aware of you, and most likely very happy to leave you a positive rating!

Here's an example of the survey and customer responses from one of our members:

See how incredibly powerful the comments on the right hand side are to gaining trust and helping to convince more visitors to become buyers?

Here’s how “Stitching Cards” has used their Stars Logo on their website to increase trust, gain more awareness to their brand, and drive in new sales (scroll down on the right of the page linked here):

Here’s what David, the owner of Stitching Cards had to say about his membership with SafeBuy:

'We've been using the SafeBuy Star Rating system for several years and are thrilled with the positive effect it has had in turning site visitors into customers.'

David Jefferson, Sole Trader, Stitching Cards

SafeBuy's eCommerce Monthly

How much time do you have to read all the data that comes out about eCommerce each month? How many subscriptions to various publications would you have to have in order to get ALL the information you needed? 

The answer is one.

SafeBuy’s eCommerce Monthly will provide you with insider industry knowledge, insight, patterns, hot markets, and opportunities you won’t find ANYWHERE else. It’s not written in a theoretical form, but in a way that’ll allow you to implement the newfound tools and knowledge in your own business immediately. It is written entirely by professionals who are working in the industry, every single day.

Just 15 minutes of learning from these leading players will give you the edge to stay on top and be constantly improving your business month after month.

Stephen Mahaney, Planet Ocean

Stephen Mahaney is the owner and CEO of Planet Ocean, a research company that's been publishing the award winning e-book "The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars" and has brought his expert insight and insider knowledge to the readers of eCommerce Monthly.

Julie Joyce

Julie has been working in the field of IT since 2000. She switched to search engine marketing in 2002, soon became head of search, and managed that team for a small IT firm for 3 years before quitting to start her own agency, Link Fish Media, Inc.

Stu Carty, Constant Contact

With more than 20 years progressive experience in the enterprise software industry, Stu Carty is a veteran sales and marketing specialist who has revealed some of his best kept secrets to eCommerce Monthly.

Conversion Rate Experts

Conversion Rate Experts is an international consultancy that has worked with companies such as Sony, Vodafone, 888, Foxy Bingo, SEO Book and many more.

"Totally up-to-date, on-the-button, let’s-do-it stuff."

eCommerce Monthly – where 15 minutes reading gives you the GREAT IDEAS for next month.

Ready to join the thousands of online merchants who have trusted SafeBuy since 2003 to provide them with a closer connection to their customers from the moment they land on their website? 

Just simply click “Join Now” above to sign up and experience SafeBuy for yourself!